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IoT security for healthcare is in critical condition

IoT security for healthcare is in critical condition

It seems like collectively as an industry, we’ve determined medical and healthcare information as one of the most important segments of data to protect, and rightfully so. As medical IoT starts to become more and more standard, now we’re not only protecting people’s personal data, we’re now responsible for protecting their actual health and, in some cases, their lives. Is that something that network security managers are ready to take on?

IoT security is a headache, a mess and several other flavors of annoying for any enterprise, but in healthcare, it can be literally life and death. Compromising any connected device has two main consequences – one is to enlist devices into a botnet, like the security camera-capturing Mirai, and the other is to offer a passage deeper into any infrastructure the device is connected to. +ALSO ON NETWORK WORLD: What is IoT? + Bluetooth Mesh takes aim at enterprise IoT, but hasn’t taken flight But medical IoT poses additional security risks. For one thing, connected records systems and anything that contains personal information are attractive targets for identity thieves – your Social Security number is all over your medical records. Compromising a medical IoT device and pivoting to other targets on the network could result in a breach of these records, researchers have found . Under certain circumstances, an attacker could exercise direct control over medical equipment , with potentially fatal consequences – witness the infamous hacked insulin pump, which first made headlines all the way back in 2011. The key difference between traditional security and IoT security is visibility, according to Xu Zou, CEO and co-founder at IoT […]

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