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The Equifax Breach: Former White House CIO Believes Marketers Need To Be Engaged In Cybersecurity

The Equifax Breach: Former White House CIO Believes Marketers Need To Be Engaged In Cybersecurity

Marketing has never played much of a role when it comes to cyber security but maybe they should. After all, these breaches are wreaking havoc on the brand value for the companies that suffer from them and requiring massive PR campaigns to help them overcome the setback. The question remains, however, in what capacity does the CIO and their team want the CMO and their team involved? Beyond training is there anything that can really be done to include marketing in the cyber security plans?

This article from Forbes raises some interesting questions and is worth discussion around the executive table. The real question, as always, is this: will the executive team actually have this discussion or will they ignore it until it becomes too big of a problem not to?

Theresa Payton From the Target breach to the Sony intrusion to the recent WannaCry global ransomware attack, the frequency and scale of cyberattacks is increasing. And last week’s admission by Equifax that critical and sensitive information of over 140 million customers has been stolen is the latest, and arguably the worst breach we’ve seen to date. As you watch company after company essentially fumble these cybersecurity crises–mismanage the consumer-brand relationship–I’ve been intrigued why marketers aren’t more involved. To better understand why and what marketers could/should do, I’ve been interviewing several cybersecurity experts. This week, I turned to Theresa Payton, former CIO for the White House (during George Bush’s administration) and current CEO of Fortalice Solutions , a cybersecurity and intelligence consulting firm that helps nations, businesses and people protect themselves from emerging threats. As the person charged with protecting the security of the White House, a prime target of cyberattacks, her perspective is incredibly useful in understanding what marketers can learn from cyberattacks and how they can get more involved. Below is not only insight useful for marketers, but also the humorous story of how Payton became the White House CIO. Whitler : It is interesting that you worked […]

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