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6 secrets of highly innovative CIOs

6 secrets of highly innovative CIOs

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It’s interesting to look at fintech companies and the leaders behind them as a hallmark of the security world. Given the data that they’re dealing with and the regulations upon them they have to operate in a manner second to none in protecting their user’s data. Watching the ways that these CIOs are innovating to make their networks more secure and their teams more productive is a great example to live by.

Thinkstock As one of the original fintech companies, TD Ameritrade has leveraged technology to do business differently. CIO Vijay Sankaran says he’s well aware of that tradition. “This ability for technology to innovate is probably one of the most important things for us,” he says. “The cornerstone of that is how technology facilitates speed and how it helps with the prototyping and adopting of new paradigms.” Innovation is often portrayed as the mind spontaneously lighting up. But Sankaran and other innovation leaders say innovation happens in organizations that structure their people, processes and technology the right way. “As businesses mature, what ends up happening is a more execution and operation mindset can creep in. So you have to be very deliberate around how you get new juices and ideas flowing,” Sankaran says. [ Find out whether you have what it takes to be a next-generation CIO and how IT leaders transform their organizations for the digital era . | Get weekly insights by signing up for our CIO Leader newsletter . ] Although there’s no single formula that guarantees innovation, there are strategies that innovative CIOs and their IT departments employ to drive the kind of ingenuity that can […]

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