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Backup/Disaster Recovery

Preparing for the Worst

It’s a sad fact that the world isn’t perfect. Even if human error is eliminated from the system, there’s still natural disasters to contend with—and this, of course, applies to your business’ network as well. While networks can be built for high stability the majority of the time, inevitably something will slip through the cracks. You’ve likely dealt with this before, which is why you also recognize the need to have a backup system in place alongside a disaster recovery process, ensuring that when disaster strikes, you have the resources in place to restore data and resume business as usual as quickly as possible.

But how do you know if the system you have in place is an effective one? You don’t want to discover it has some fatal flaws only when the worst case scenario hits.


Determining the Backup System You Need

Not all backup and disaster recovery systems are created equal—nor should they be. Since each network will have unique qualities and purposes, the associated backup and recovery system should be adapted to meet your specific requirements. When considering what backup system to integrate with your business network, here are a few critical questions to consider:

  • How often will you need the backup routine to run?
  • Is the backup system scalable to the amount of data it must process?
  • Do you have a remote backup process in place, alongside a local system?
  • Does your industry enforce specific regulations concerning data archiving? Does your company comply with these?
  • Does your backup system take peripheral devices into account, such as employees working remotely or using personal devices?
  • How quickly do you need data recovered to restore vital business functions?
  • Is the backup process secure, or does it create a vulnerability point within your network?

Fortunately, CampbellNet Solutions is prepared to work through all of these questions and more with you, so we can determine the perfect backup and disaster recovery solution for your network.


Save Yourself the Hassle

Once the backup and disaster recovery solution is in place, there still remains the need to manage it and ensure the process is working as intended. If you want to avoid this network management element being a constant drain on your time and resources, CampbellNet Solutions offers network management and monitoring services just for these situations.

With us keeping an eye on your backup system, you can rest easy knowing it is working smoothly and that your data is secure and your business is equipped for an streamlined recovery no matter what may befall.

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Zultys Technologies

The Need for Reliable, High-Performance VoIP Solutions

As we continue to expand our services and solutions, it’s our goal to ensure that the individual products and comprehensive network solutions we provide are the best available. Our service might be top-notch, fast, and dependable, but if the network elements we’re installing or managing are sub-par, then everyone suffers for it.

We want our clients to know that we constantly research and evaluate networking manufacturers across the country to determine who offers the best value and quality. Only then do we establish a partnership with them, confident that we can then transfer the same level of quality to you.

That’s why, when it comes to VoIP solutions, our primary vendor is found in Zultys Technologies.

Zultys – Innovate, Communicate, Collaborate

Since 2001, Zultys has been committed to offering high-quality IP communication solutions and products. One of the things that first drew us to Zultys was their strong mission statement:

“To deliver leading-edge, comprehensive unified communications solutions that are flexible, easy to use, and cost-effective…helping to improve productivity, enhance customer service, reduce costs, grow sales, and make greater profits.”

Seeing as how this aligns powerfully with our own goals for our clients, it promised a positive relationship for all involved parties. Zultys has also established an award-winning reputation for its products and performance over the years, drawing in such notable distinctions as Best Product of the Year, Best IP System, Best VoIP Provider, and #1 Business VoIP Award.

Zultys’ Wide Range of Products and Peripherals

Zultys focuses on manufacturing top-rated VoIP systems, which we can then provide our clients. Such systems include:

  • IP phone systems – Scalable phone systems that allow for high-quality voice, video, and data streaming.
  • IP phones – Combines optimal performance with eye-catching designs.
  • Unified communication systems – Brings all your communication needs together into a single system.
  • Collaboration/conferencing platforms – From 4-way video conferencing to web meetings and beyond.
  • Contact center solutions – Easy-to-employ customer service operations and front-desk call services.
  • Multi-site support and connectivity – Allows for company expansion and network diversification without restricting system access.

Plus, when we establish a VoIP system on a client’s network, it helps to know that the products and platforms all integrate well and have no compatibility issues with one another. That’s why being able to draw on Zultys’ array of products is critical. Working with their IP solutions allows for easier setup, installation, and network integration.

We’re proud to partner with Zultys in providing comprehensive networking service in the years to come.

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Unified Messaging

VoIP’s Unified Messaging Feature

Voice over Internet Protocol is an increasingly common communications setup as many organizations are discovering the ease and efficiency of funneling communication channels through their current network systems. This helps eliminate equipment redundancy and allows for greater control over messaging features and functionality.

One of the major benefits of a VoIP-enabled network is the ability to incorporate unified messaging into daily operations.

Unified Messaging – Bridging Communication Gaps

Unified messaging means that all electronic communication content—from email to voicemail to faxes and beyond—are accessible through a single mailbox or inbox. All message formats are likewise available through numerous devices, so employees can remain connected to important conversations at all times. Email becomes available through phones. Voicemail can be retrieved through email inboxes. Faxes come through websites, and so on.

This way, all communication is integrated on a single VoIP platform, which allows for an increase of productivity and profitability in a corporate environment.

Unified Messaging Goes Beyond the Basics

While a main function is to combine communication channels into a cohesive whole, unified messaging can also improve management of other data streams such as:

  • Multimedia Services – Going beyond phone, email, and fax, unified messaging also handles transfer of videos, pictures, animations, and otherwise.
  • Web Data – Website transfer, database uploads, and more.
  • Client Transactions – Financial transactions, online stores, and client data can all be managed through unified messaging.

The Superior Benefits of Unified Messaging

How does unified messaging equip employees for better performance?

  • Efficiency – Rather than having to manage multiple logins and access points to retrieve a variety of communication elements, employees can save time
  • Flexibility – VoIP unified messaging offers a wide variety of features that can be customized according to a company’s budget or networking requirements. Text-to-voice functions conform to a user’s preferences, plus security measures ensure the communication channels remain intact and reliable.
  • Cost-Effective – VoIP unified messaging is a budget-friendly networking solution as a company no longer needs to purchase multiple communication systems to handle the diverse data load. Instead, all communication is handled on a single network, reducing maintenance and upgrade costs.

Mobility – On-the-go employees won’t have to worry about missing out on vital emails or voice messages, as all data can be routed to their computers or smartphones even when they’re outside the office.

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