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Unified Communication

Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems are reliable and scalable appliance that allows for communication within your network through Ethernet connections. Keep your company connected through this “all-in-one” solution. This VoIP system creates an integrated communication solution for those companies wanting enhanced performance across local and mobile platforms. This includes:

  • Maximized Functionality – All your communication needs are combined in a single appliance, with a user-friendly interface and centralized management.
  • Unified Communications– Bring in numerous team members to collaborate on projects and deadlines, no matter whether they’re onsite or working remotely.
  • Superior Productivity – Cut out communication delays and data transfer oversights when you integrate it all into a single system and network.

Our expert networking technicians work with your team to properly install and activate your VoIP system, so it handles your company’s specific communication needs.

Contact us today to speak to an expert networking consultant and discover how CampbellNet Solutions can bring VoIP to work for you!