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Wireless Networking

Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) provide everyone from employees to students the ability to enjoy increased mobility. They can access important information easier and faster, and work and study on-the-go while maintaining productivity. WLAN also save money and cabling costs, and can provide network access even where cable drops aren’t feasible. WLAN employ Access Points (AP) rather than cabling to transmit data. While they might provide higher flexibility and mobility, they can also require higher security measures and more specific component placement for optimal data broadcasting. If you’re looking to have a W set up for your company, CampbellNet Solutions works to ensure your needs are met by the best solutions. Our network setup process involves:

  • Analysis – We work with your team to determine your business’ unique wireless needs and design a system just for your situation.
  • Implementation – Our expert technicians install the new network and ensure it’s running optimally.
  • Support – We provide the tools to monitor and troubleshoot any network issues that may arise, and also remain available to work with your team to solve any such issues.

Through this comprehensive process, we deploy a wireless network built to satisfy your specific business requirements and optimized to give you the competitive advantage.

Contact us today to speak to an expert networking consultant and discover how CampbellNet Solutions can fulfill your wireless networking needs!